We are delighted to be introducing local monthly self-management groups in Colwyn Bay commencing November 2017 – teaching the Self-management skills needed to manage long-term painful conditions.  The venue for these sessions will be:

West End Medical Centre, Conway Road, Colwyn Bay, Conwy, LL29 7LS.

Colwyn Bay Programme 2017.18

Why Self-management

Self- Management is an important approach to health that explores the things that you can do to improve the quality of your life despite a painful condition.  It is not a replacement for medicine and does not necessarily provide direct pain relief, however it does help a lot of people to cope better with their difficult health situation.  The focus is on having a better understanding of chronic pain and finding positive ways to manage your health, so that you are in control rather than your pain being in control of you.

Monthly Self-management Groups 

The programme follows in-depth self-management topics throughout the year and you are welcome to attend the group at any time. The group commences on Wednesday 29th November 2017 – 10.30-12.30.

What to do now: For further information about the monthly group meetings, please contact Pain Association:

Freephone number 0800 7836059 or Email: info@painassociation.com