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The following items are a selection of the resources which can be ordered from Head Office.

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Pain Association Scotland
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Phil Sizer (Pain Association Scotland) ** New Release**Simple Relaxation £4.50+£1.50pp

By Phil Sizer


  • Three relaxation CDs by Neville Shone

A selection of books is available:

    • Coping Successfully with Pain
    • Pain Relief without Drugs
    • Coping Successfully with Chronic Illness
    • The Pain Management Handbook


  • Neville Shone’s tape -  Visualisation techniques and using positive memories.
  • Moving On and Dreams in the Mind’s Eye – these tapes are devised by Linda Bates, and recorded by Linda Bates and Penny Grieve. Deep relaxation and the use of pictures in the ‘mind’s eye’ to deal with stress and pain in a positive way.

Other resources

A complete list of books, tapes and CDs is available from Head Office on request.

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